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Andrew's Story

On November 17th, 2017, Andrew arrived at Guest House.


Andrew had been addicted to drugs since he was 30 years old, and had been in and out of rehabilitation and recovery programs. In these program, he has always kept his will and did things his way, eventually leading him back into addiction.


“I knew the thing that I HAD to do, but I didn’t WANT to do it. The last three years of my life, I was getting out of control. In order to get my life back, I had to go where was best for me.”


So, on that mid-November day, Andrew walked away from his apartment and entered Guest House.


“When I did, a burden was lifted off my back. I was free.”


Early on, Andrew was reluctant to fully engage in his program, but after he attended a bible study offered by a volunteer group here at Guest House, something changed.


“The change came when a church came here, and that has helped me. I decided to do something I had never done before, and just step out of the way and let Jesus lead me. This worked for me.”


Andrew’s faith helped him become an active participant in his program and in the services here at Guest House.


“At Guest House, you get out of it what you put into it. Don’t put in the bad and make it ugly, put in the good and make it beautiful. If you come to get your life back, you will prosper. I’ve been blessed.”


Your financial gift this year allows us to provide spiritual, compassionate, and effective solutions to homelessness in our community. You are investing in the lives of our neighbors, like Andrew, who have been and continue to be transformed by Guest House.


Your gift is why Guest House continues to be More Than Shelter.



For more information on how to donate, contact Andrew Pieterick at andrewpieterick@guesthouseofmilwaukee.org or 414-430-7821.


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"I asked myself, 'Tyrone, do you love yourself?' and the people here helped me change the things about my life that were all wrong. But it all started when I began to love myself."

           - Tyrone P. commenting on his graduation


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