Tuesday | June 6, 2017


Meet the Oak Creek High School Harvard-bound valedictorian who wants to find a cure for dementia

Along with all his STEM involvement, Nkazi has served in several community service activities, especially in Milwaukee, with the youth-led nonprofit group Lead2Change.


Nkazi and team helped allocate several grants of $2,500 to various local youth-led projects. The group has also done community service projects, such as serving spaghetti dinners at Guest House of Milwaukee, a large homeless shelter.


  Tuesday | March 7, 2017


Transforming the lives of Milwaukee's Homeless

For 35 years, Guest House of Milwaukee has been successfully accomplishing its mission of providing shelter, housing, education, and services to Milwaukee’s homeless who seek to transform their lives with dignity and purpose. In recent years, Guest House has added several programs to better serve the evolving needs of our community to include those who are at-risk of becoming homeless as well as those who have a history of homelessness but require support to maintain their independence.


How an urban garden is attacking homelessness

Tuesday| November 25, 2016

   Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Red Kettle donations down

The Guest House helps provide permanent housing to more than 400 individuals and families. Staff members work with clients on goals regarding education, employment, medical care, mental health and sobriety.


“We are so much more than the shelter, and a lot of people don’t know that,” said Amy Rowell, events and outreach manager for the Guest House.


“Our housing program is growing like wildfire. Nine years ago we had 40 apartments. Now we have more than 400 units that we support with case management and other services for formerly homeless men, women and families,” Rowell said.

How an urban garden is attacking homelessness

Tuesday| November 1, 2016

   Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Church caretaker shares homeless experience

Strange as it sounds, being homeless was the best thing that happened to Dan Noble.


"It made a man out of me and helped me grow up real quick. I had to be somewhere isolated so God could work on me," he said.


Dan is caretaker at Bay Shore Lutheran Church in Whitefish Bay where he shares his life-changing experience with teens who will sleep outside in cardboard boxes this Saturday to get a sense of living on the streets.


How an urban garden is attacking homelessness

Thursday | September 22, 2016

   Milwaukee Independent

Guest House celebrates completion of homeless shelter expansion

The Guest House of Milwaukee hosted an Open House on September 15 in celebration of its brand new 8,000 sq. ft. expansion and renovation. The street location was blocked off a at 13th and Juneau Avenue for the event, which was open to the public. It featured self-guided tours, live music, and dinner provided by Black Shoe Hospitality.


The Guest House is a homeless shelter for men that provides housing, education, and counseling services both on-site and in the Milwaukee community. Their new logo reads “Guest House: More Than Shelter” and the expansion will help them continue to embody this saying.


How an urban garden is attacking homelessness

Tuesday | September 20, 2016

   The Morning Blend TMJ4

Delivering Steep and Brew to the Guest House of Milwaukee

We're giving away Steep & Brew Coffee to a local non-profit that deserves a little java with The Morning Blend.  We deliver a coffee package to a special winner each month.


This month, Tiffany visited the Guest House of Milwaukee to tour their newly renovated space and learn more about the great services they provide to Milwaukee's homeless population. For more information, visit GuestHouseOfMilwaukee.org.


How an urban garden is attacking homelessness

Tuesday | September 17, 2016

   The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Guest House adds space, dignity for the homeless

It felt strange being at a homeless shelter on a perfect late summer day. We media types typically stop by in the dead of January for a quick report on men or families escaping brutal cold for the night.


The story line was happier Thursday as the Guest House of Milwaukee celebrated the completion of a major expansion and renovation.


Wait. Is the expansion of a homeless shelter a good thing? Doesn't that mean there are more and more people needing respite from the streets?

How an urban garden is attacking homelessness

Sunday | September 11, 2016

   Author Jim Landwher

A Guest in the new Guest House

This past Thursday we volunteered to serve the guys at the Guest House. If you know Donna and I, you know this is often the best evening of the month for us. It is such a blessing to be able to serve dinner to 86+ guys once or twice a month. (We do one night with our Facebook group and one under the auspices of our church, CollectiveMKE.)


I need to preface this with the fact that Donna does the lion's share of the work for this every month. I only help serve it, whereas she solicits donations, plans and cooks the food and gets it ready for transport. I am just happy to help in whatever capacity I can.


How an urban garden is attacking homelessness

Wednesday | July 27, 2016

   88.9 Radio Milwaukee

Formerly Homeless man finds healing in Urban Garden

“I’m not going to say 360 because that’s a circle, I’m gonna say 180.” he said with a smile, his bare hands covered in dirt.  “Cuz I was over there and now I’m over here.  And I like being over here verses being over there.”


When Mike says “over there,” he means when he was homeless and staying in the shelter.  It was a dark time in his life.


“Alcoholic, gang banger, using crack, selling crack.  All of the above, man.  I got high to live and lived to get high.”


But after 20 years of addiction, he’s sober now. He credits that to faith, hard work, and a stint at the Guest House.  It’s a shelter and resource center for the Milwaukee’s homeless, and it runs the garden too.


Tuesday | July 19, 2016

  88.9 Radio Milwaukee

How an urban garden is attacking homelessness

“I was homeless for a year and a half,” James said. “Everything happened at once.”


“Mental illness, lost my job, daddy died, daughter got involved with the kingpin drug dealers.  Four different things transpired in my life that sent me down a spiral.”


A spiral into homelessness, fueled by mental illness.  And Crystal will be the first to say, it can happen to anyone. Even her previous job as a counselor didn’t make her immune.


“I have a Master’s in mental health, and working in the mental health field not only broadened my perspective as and outlook as a person, from where I came from, but how I can be help to other people,” James said.


Monday | July 25, 2016

   Medical College of Wisconsin

Getting to Know: President’s Community Engagement Award recipient Jack Keegan

During the Medical College of Wisconsin’s Community Engagement Week in April, Jack Keegan received a 2016 President’s Community Engagement Award in the “Student” category. He is a fourth-year medical student planning to enter the field of general internal medicine. Keegan has engaged in many programs related to improving the health and quality of life of individuals who are homeless. He has worked closely with the Guest House of Milwaukee’s clinic, which provides mental health, alcohol and other abuse counseling. In addition to providing direct service and health education workshops, Keegan designed a data management system to help the clinic with internal quality improvement and external reporting services.


Wednesday | July 13, 2016

   MKE Moms Blog

Why I brought my daughter to a men's homeless shelter

I had explained to my daughter on the way to the Guest House that it was check in time so it might be busy. Although we had instructions to bypass the line, we chose to wait at the back of it. I didn’t want to give my daughter the impression that we were more important than any of these guys. So we waited, chatting about the new structure being built next to the Guest House. (Which turned out to be their new addition!) My daughter gave me a bit of side-eye when one of the guys in front of us said a few interesting words. I rolled my eyes right back and then accidentally bumped into the man standing in front of me. He turned around.


Wednesday | July 13, 2016

   MKE Moms Blog

A Place of Transition and Hope: The Guest House of Milwaukee

Hope—the light at the end of the tunnel—and dignity are central values at the Guest House. Roxy noted that those staying at the shelter are always called “guests” rather than the more impersonal terms of “residents” or “clients.” Staff members also avoid labels such as “homeless,” and are deliberate in the way they use language to show and promote respect for each person as an individual. In the spacious downstairs cafeteria, guests and staff gather once a month to celebrate birthdays, and to give special recognition to individuals graduating from program milestone


Tuesday | July 12, 2016

   Milwaukee NNS

Housing First gives new lease on life to 145 once-chronically homeless people

The success of the Housing First program is based on providing a safe, stable environment for formerly homeless individuals, said Philip Connelly, director of housing at the Guest House, an organization that serves the homeless in Milwaukee.


“The flexibility of this program will allow for (individuals) to be successful in ways that, in the past, they were not able to,” Connelly said. “Once people are in a safe environment, they are comfortable, allowing service providers to build programs around the person.”


Wednesday | April 27, 2016

   Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Winning architectural designs connect with landscape

The four projects selected to receive Honor Awards for overall design excellence included: The Linear Cabin in St. Germain, a small family retreat designed by Johnsen Schmaling Architects; Redux House, a reinvention of a suburban ranch home in Whitefish Bay, also by Johnsen Schmaling; Lake Michigan Beach Cottage, a simple, discrete cottage in Belgium by Ramsey Jones Architects; and the Guest House Garden Pavilion, a modest neighborhood gathering place in Milwaukee for urban agriculture by Vetter Denk Architecture.


Monday | April 11, 2016

   Milwaukee NNS

Special Report: Homeless older adults face unique challenges

Tom Church lost everything.


He was in his early-50s and homeless, sleeping on cold concrete and surviving on food stamps. He wandered in and out of shelters, until someone suggested that he try the Guest House of Milwaukee’s substance abuse counseling program. His decision to check it out saved his life.


“Really, if I hadn’t found the Guest House, if I was still living on the street, or quite possibly several other places — I just would have died,” Church said.


  Friday | April 1 , 2016

   Marquette Magazine

Shining a light on hope and homelessness

It was the coffee that hooked her first. After hearing on the news that a local shelter needed coats and boots to help the homeless survive another brutal Wisconsin winter, Faith (Mondry) Kohler, Law ’97, went to Repairers of the Breach, intending to drop off her donations. Then a shelter worker offered her a tour and a cup of coffee brewed on the stovetop.


“It tasted like my mother’s coffee,” Kohler says. “My mom passed away a bunch of years ago. That was how she made her coffee, on the stovetop. I stayed a little longer because the coffee was the best I’d had in years.”


She returned the following week and then kept coming back to visit the shelter’s residents. One of them was Harold Sloan, a homeless man who would change her life forever.


  Monday | March 28 , 2016


Local Chefs step up for homeless shelter

Easter Sunday was a good time to honor some of the people in the community who do what they can to help others. TODAY'S TMJ4 got a first-hand look at how Milwaukee's largest publicly-funded homeless shelter is getting some much needed support.


More than 85 men wait in line to eat. For some of them, it's the only meal they'll get all day.


  Monday | March 7, 2016


The Guest House Giving Day on The Morning Blend

Milwaukee's homeless population can turn to The Guest House of Milwaukee as a leader in our community, serving them through innovative and effective programs. But they are in need of some help.


Funding they have counted on in the past is not coming through this year, so they are taking matters into their own hands. Here to tell us about The Guest House's "Giving Day" is Manager of Community Outreach, Amy Rowell.



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