Volunteers Needed!

  • Provide a Meal

    We depend on volunteers like you to provide meals for our guests. It is up to you to plan, purchase, prepare, and serve a meal to our 86 hungry guests. Dinner is served at 6pm nightly, and Weekend Breakfasts are served at 8:30am on Saturdays and Sundays. Contact us to schedule a meal service opportunity.

  • Make Sandwiches

    We hand out around 100 sandwiches a day. Help us keep our refrigerator stocked by providing any amount of sandwiches. Just meat and cheese in a ziplock bag please. This is a great family or group opportunity. Contact us to schedule a sandwich delivery.

  • Office & Dispensary

    Every evening, volunteers are needed to hand out personal care items to our guests, and to help in our Shelter Office. Come in just once, or once a month--this is a flexible opportunity. Contact us to schedule a shift.

  • Holiday Parties

    The Guest House Holiday Committee needs your help making holidays special in our shelter. Help host a party for one of various holidays through the year. Provide games, snacks, music, decorations--its really up to you! Contact us for more information.

  • Group Projects

    We are happy to host your school, faith community, or service group for a volunteer project or urban experience here at the Guest House. We always include a tour, a meaningful project, and a chance to hear and discuss some of our guests' stories. Contact us for more information.

  • More Opportunities

    We have many opportunities to get involved with the Guest House mission, including, but not limited to: donation drives, student service learning, internships, corporate service days, and more. Click here for the complete list!




Put Your Professional Experience to Work for

Our Guests!


Our employment program depends on volunteers with professional skills and experience to host classes and workshops once or twice a month to help our guests re-enter the workforce. Help make a difference in the life of our guests by sharing your experience with resume writing, job searching, interviewing, maintaining employment, and etc.


 Contact us to sign up!


Serve a Monthly Dinner!


Serve dinner to our 86 shelter guests each month. This is a great opportunity for faith communities, social groups, or local restaurants.


Contact us to sign up!


Guest House of Milwaukee, Inc.

This organization is certified by Points of Light

as a Service Enterprise.


A Service Enterprise is an organization that

fundamentally leverages volunteers and their skills

across all levels of the organization

to successfully deliver on its social mission,

and expand the impact of the agency’s

programs and services.


Certified: May 15, 2015              Click this link for more information


- Men's t-shirts, size 2XL and 3XL, new

- Body Wash

- Disposable Razors

- Men's underwear, sizes S - 3XL, new

- Visit our Amazon.com Wishlist


"I asked myself, 'Tyrone, do you love yourself?' and the people here helped me change the things about my life that were all wrong. But it all started when I began to love myself."

           - Tyrone P. commenting on his graduation


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