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Wiley's Story

Staying in a shelter is never an easy experience, but for Wiley, he saw it as an opportunity from day one.


“I came here because I needed to get out of an environment that was not great for me. I came here for help,” Wiley said.


He came to Guest House earlier this year, and saw the value of the programs as well as the structure of Guest House. For some people, Guest House takes some time to adjust to, but Wiley thrived in this environment.


Wiley was always willing to help out with chores, and pick up slack where it was needed. He saw how the staff was working to help everyone here, and he respected that.


“Guest House does their best to try to help you, whatever your situation may be. They help you help yourself, and lead you in the right direction.”


While staying here, Wiley was able to connect with one of Guest House’s permanent housing programs, Rapid Rehousing, and through that program was able to move out of Guest House and into his own home.


When we asked him what makes Guest House More Than Shelter, he illustrated why.


“There are many different personalities in here, a great mix of many people, and it’s a place that helps you. It’s a great place for me.”


Your financial gift this year allows us to provide innovative, compassionate, and effective solutions to homelessness in our community. You are investing in the lives of our neighbors, like Wiley, who have been and continue to be transformed by Guest House.


Your gift is why Guest House continues to be More Than Shelter.



For more information on how to donate, contact Andrew Pieterick at andrewpieterick@guesthouseofmilwaukee.org or 414-430-7821.


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"I asked myself, 'Tyrone, do you love yourself?' and the people here helped me change the things about my life that were all wrong. But it all started when I began to love myself."

           - Tyrone P. commenting on his graduation


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