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The Guest House Counseling Clinic provides client-centered, trauma-informed outpatient mental health and substance abuse counseling services to clients at Guest House and from the surrounding communities.

Raising awareness of any critical issue in our communities is essential to developing and then advancing solutions to that issue. Mental Health Awareness Month provides a crucial opportunity to bring attention to a major public health issue that impacts millions of individuals each year. 

While awareness is critical, it is not enough. That is why this month we are running a Turning Awareness into Action spring campaign to support the Guest House Counseling Clinic.


We’ve seen the complex and interrelated relationship between homelessness, housing instability, and mental health issues firsthand. By most accounts, 20 - 25% of unsheltered individuals suffer from severe mental illness; while so many others struggle with anxiety, depression, and trauma-related issues that are often heightened by the prospect of having nowhere to go.

We know that delivering high-quality and responsive behavioral health services is essential to helping those experiencing homelessness overcome the many challenges they face to achieving long-term stability in their lives. Yet the behavioral health needs of the populations we serve too often go overlooked and remain unmet. The Guest House Counseling Clinic has been dedicated to changing that since first opening its doors.

Now is the time for us - all of us - to take action. We invite you to consider joining us in these efforts so we may continue providing our clients and neighbors with access to the full spectrum of care they truly need to overcome the experience of homelessness. 

All contributions made to Guest House of Milwaukee during the month of May will go toward sustaining our mental and behavioral health services, to ensure that these remain an essential component of Guest House’s homelessness prevention efforts. The need is great, and we are here to meet it.

Thank you for your deep and ongoing support of our work.

What are some specific ways that my contribution will make a difference?

Build capacity to serve and treat more individuals, particularly clients across all Guest House programs
Ensure treatment options remain available for underinsured and uninsured individuals, regardless of their status
Help expand our patient referral network and increase outreach efforts to local health institutions
Support specialized training for clinicians to more effectively treat high-risk clients
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Increase access to resources and other supports to improve long-term health outcomes and stability

What impact does the Clinic's counseling services have on our clients and on the community-at-large?

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Is often the first place that individuals from under-resourced and marginalized communities will receive treatment for behavioral health issues
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Substantially increases an individual's likelihood of maintaining stable mental health and sobriety, earning a living wage, and securing permanent housing
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Removes some of the systemic, cultural, and individual barriers to treatment, including stigma, cost, location, and representation
By taking action today, together we can help the most at-risk members of our community transform their lives with dignity and stability - strengthening families, improving neighborhoods, and greatly increasing the success of our homelessness prevention efforts throughout Milwaukee.
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