Essential Clothing Items

  • Large and 2x New Men’s T-shirts 

  • New packages of women's underwear and sports bras (all sizes)

  • New men's jeans

  • New men's long johns/thermal underwear

  • New or gently used men's winter coats


  • Puzzle books

  • Adult coloring books

  • Art supplies

Non-Perishable Food

  • Cans of soups, tuna, chicken, vegetables, fruit

  • Boxes of crackers, pasta

  • Jars of pasta sauce, peanut butter, salsa

  • Bags of ground coffee, rice

  • Frozen meals, pizzas, meats

  • Eggs, butter, and cheese

  • Salt, pepper, garlic (powder, minced or cloves)

Hygiene and Safety

  • Household cleaning supplies; swiffers

Covid-19 Updates


In addition to our frequently updated Amazon Wishlist, we are in need of the following items for our guests along with donations to our emergency meal fund.


Please contact us today to learn more or arrange a delivery.

A Community Comes Together

 We’d like to extend a special thanks to all of our partners and community members who stepped up to provide the critical supports that kept us going strong! Whether through financial support, hosting food drives, donating meals for our clients and staff, providing free masks and hand sanitizer, or organizing a voter registration day, you truly exemplify what our community is all about. 


These images represent only a handful of the dozens of supporters whose efforts we would like to recognize


We have temporarily suspended onsite volunteer service, including through our meal program. If you had been previously scheduled to provide a meal but received no updates regarding future dates for rescheduling, please contact a member of our fund development team today.

Sandwiches and bag lunches are also in need, and may be dropped off by appointment. Click here to schedule.


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