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Volunteer Programs

We pride ourselves on our ability to tailor activities that will meet the unique interests of individuals and groups alike, and leave a meaningful imprint on our community. Here are a few of our ongoing volunteer programs, but please contact us today and we'll be sure to find the activity that's perfect for you!


Work in the Garden

Come volunteer with us at our Cream City Gardens, nestled in the heart of the King Park neighborhood, which is officially classified as a food desert. Not only do we provide fresh, home-grown produce to Guest House, our neighbors, and the Friedens Community Ministries network of food pantries, but our gardens have transformed once-vacant lots into an active urban farm. Cream City Gardens touts 56 raised garden beds and a half-acre of in-ground planting rows. Urban agriculture at its best! 

Make Sandwiches

We work to combat food insecurity in our immediate neighborhood by providing 300-500 sandwiches daily. Making or donating sandwiches for our community is a great way to get involved with Guest House, our surrounding neighborhood, and have a real, immediate impact. 


Support our Meal Program

We depend on volunteers like you to purchase, prepare, and/or serve meals for our guests on a nightly basis. If you are interested, we offer numerous ways to contribute to this program. Typically, meal service involves planning, purchasing, preparing, and serving the meal of your choice to our 86 guests. If preparing a full meal is not possible, we also accept meal donations or financial contributions to purchase meals that can be served immediately or preserved for nights when we do not have groups serving dinner. Nightly Dinners are served at 6:00 pm, and Weekend Breakfasts are served at 7:00 am on Saturdays and Sundays.

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Interested in getting involved?

Fill out our volunteer inquiry form to learn more about volunteer

opportunities today!

Volunteers Packing Food
"We have to make certain that everyone in Milwaukee has the chance to enjoy the prosperity of the future."

Betsy, Guest House Volunteer

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